Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Plenty of Freaks

Well, it has been awhile and lots of things have happened in the past few weeks.  BUT, I did accomplish one of my tasks and signed up on a dating site.  I received many emails from many crazy freaks.  It amazes me how many men take pictures of themselves showing their muscles and abs.  It is totally disgusting.  Grow-up I must say. 

Anyways, I did receive an email from one guy and we chatted for a bit then he actually called and we talked for over an hour.  He seemed really nice.  He was 40, divorced, great job, 2 kids and hated his ex-wife!  We agreed to meet for dinner.  It went pretty good cause he did look like his picture, was really nice but just a little too desperate.  After that one evening, he wanted all of my time.  The texting was constant and on the hour, every hour even when he knew I was super busy.  So you guessed it...he didn't get a 2nd date. 

So why do men think that all women want someone up their asses 24/7?  Yes, I do want a relationship but I think there is a happy medium.  I like my "me" time and he should have his "guy" time as well.  I don't NEED a man, I WANT one for companionship.  Life and memories are always better shared with someone.  I guess that may be a fault of mine and I may have to sacrifice and act like I NEED a man but I know there is some guys out there that feel the same way. 

I think alot of these guys, and girls too, that are divorced think that 24 hour relationships are a must cause they have trust issues.  Most have been hurt in past relationships and think the only way they can trust someone is to be by their side all the time.  I totally understand that since my ex cheated on me constantly but sooner or later you have to let that go or it will ruin a relationship.  Trust me, I speak from experience.

But I have not given up.  I still believe my soul mate is out there. I honestly believe that everyone of us has a soul mate so if you haven't found yours, don't give up.

Short and sweet ladies.  Happy Hunting.


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